Regional Info

Berlin is an amazing, multifaceted city with rich offerings for visitors of all ages, budgets and interests.  Whether your interests lie in history, art, music or partying, Berlin has a multitude of offerings to satisfy your desires.  It is a city where you can dine in a Michelin starred restaurant before partying until well after the sun peaks over the horizon, or munch down on a Currywurst before watching Barenboim conduct a performance of Puccini's Tosca at the Opera.  In Berlin, anything is possible.

Berlin is like a great piece of music.  At first listen you find it interesting and intriguing but with each subsequent listen you discover something new, an instrument you hadn’t heard, or a lyric that had a subtle double meaning.  With each hour you spend in Berlin you will fall more and more in love with this fascinating city, its history and its people.  So beware!  If you spend too long, like us you may never want to leave.

Berlin’s fascinating history is etched into the fabric of its cultural, architectural and commercial attractions.  From Prussian monuments and palaces to the cold war era Berlin Wall, each period of Berlin’s often tumultuous history has left its mark and created what is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world.

For lovers of the arts there is no better place than Berlin.  Berlin is home to over 150 Museums, 50 theatres (including 3 Opera houses), as well as countless private galleries.  In addition there is a very vibrant street art and music scene, so whether you are into Botticelli or Banksy, symphonies or ska, there is something for you to feast your eyes and ears on.

Berlin is deservedly one of Europe’s party capitals.  Over the weekend partygoers flock to Berlin’s bars and clubs, many of which run non-stop from Friday night to Monday morning.  All music and lifestyle choices are catered for in Berlin, which in the 20’s was known for its decadent edgy nightlife.  The electronic music scene is one of the best in the world with some amazing clubs pumping out everything from minimalist techno to psy trance and drum and bass.  In the warmer months, many outdoor clubs and bars open up along the river Spree, and there are also more music festivals and open air concerts than you can shake an ear plug at.

Shopaholics are also well served in Berlin.  From the high-end boutiques of the Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg to the quirky independent designer studios in FriedrichshainKreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg and Berlin’s amazing flea market scene, there is a wealth of choice for every budget and style.

Berlin is very family friendly, with some amazing local playgrounds as well as some great kid friendly attractions.  Many of Berlin’s cafes and restaurants are child and baby friendly and there are a number of so called “mama cafes” where no one will batt an eyelid if your toddler has a meltdown and throws your decaf skinny latte to the ground.