All about the Berlin Wall


There is so much information out there about the Berlin Wall, and learning about such an important part of Berlin's history is a must-do if you are visiting the city. So, as a bit of preparation for your trip, here are the facts, and then some recommendations on the best tours to help you get an even deeper insight into the Wall, and the city. You won't regret it.

IMAGE: East German soldier Conrad Schumann leaping over the barbed wire Berlin Wall into West Berlin on 15 August 1961. Chronos Media GmbH â€“ Getty Images / Peter Leibing

What was the Berlin Wall?

Perhaps the most common symbol of the Cold War, The Berlin Wall together with the border between East and West Germany were referred to collectively as the Iron Curtain. The Berlin Wall stood from 1961 until 1989, dividing a city, separating families, friends and loved ones. After German re-unification, the Wall was dismantled and removed in 1990 and now can only be experienced in a few sites around Berlin where parts have been left as memorials. For a dedicated timeline of events of the building of the Berlin wall head to our article on Berlin Wall History for a date by date account, or click When was the Berlin Wall Built for more construction info.

Berlin wall facts and figures

Did you know there were 10,000 Attempts to escape from East to West Berlin after the construction of the Berlin Wall, over 70 escape tunnels were dug, but only 5000 of those escape attempt were successful?
The Berlin Wall cost a total of 16,155,000 east German Marks to build, which is around 8,259,921.17 Euro in today's currency.
If you like statistics in history head to our Berlin Wall Facts page. Here you can find more dates and numbers that will surprise you.

IMAGE: The East Side Gallery - My Guide Berlin

The Path of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall followed the border set out in the Potsdam agreement by three of the victorious allies of the Second World War: the Soviet Union, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom which divided Berlin into four areas of occupation. 
When you are in Berlin and wondering to yourself 'Am I in East or West Berlin right now?' then check out our Berlin Wall Map. or look down! The path of the Berlin Wall is marked with small square bricks so you can see exactly where it ran.

Top Berlin Wall locations to visit

Naturally, once in Berlin, you will be wanting to see actual pieces of the Berlin Wall and where it stood. We have some favourites, like the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse, and The Tränenpalast, but for a full list head to our Top Berlin Wall Locations article and video to find one that suits you.

IMAGE: Berlin on Bike

The best way to see the Berlin Wall?

A city tour of course! We recommend Sandeman's walking tours for the best tour on foot, and Berlin on Bike for a two-wheel adventure around the Berlin wall track. There are, however, many other ways to get around the city with a guide, head to our Berlin Tours page for all the info you'll need to pick the tour that best suits you.

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