Berlin Tourist Discount Cards

Visitors to Berlin are spoiled for choice with three different discount cards providing unlimited travel on Berlin´s extensive public transport network as well as discounts to many of Berlin´s tours and attractions. These are the “Berlin City TourCard” and the “Berlin WelcomeCard”.

The Berlin City Tourcard is the cheaper of the two but only offers discounts on around 50 attractions around Berlin. The Berlin WelcomeCard on the other hand will get you discounts on more than 200 businesses around town.

We have provided links to each card´s brochure so you can check out the included discounts. If you will be using it mainly for the transport ticket we would recommend saving a couple of euros by getting the City TourCard. However, if you have a full sightseeing and attraction itinerary planned, you could save yourself a lot more by picking up a Berlin WelcomeCard.

In addition, for museum lovers, the Museum Pass Berlin is an absolute winner, allowing you free entry into 50 of Berlin´s museums for 3 days.  Public transport is not included.

Berlin City TourCard

Berlin City TourCard Brochure


Berlin CityTourCard 2013 (AB)

For travel on Berlin´s public transport system within the AB zone which includes most of metropolitan Berlin, including Tegel Airport.  Also provides discount at up to 50 attractions around Berlin

48 hours only € 16.90

72 hours only € 22.90

5 days only € 29.90


Berlin CityTourCard 2013 (ABC)


For the fare zones ABC which covers the whole of Berlin as well as the beautiful neighboring city of Potsdam along with Schönefeld Airport. Includes discounts to up to 50 attractions around Berlin


48 hours only € 18.90

72 hours only € 24.90

5 days only € 34.90

Where to purchase a Berlin City TourCard:

Cards can be purchased at all outlets and ticket machines of the BVG and S-Bahn. They are also available from the tourist information centres at the Hauptbahnhof, Brandenburger Tor, and the welcome centre at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.


IMPORTANT:  Your City TourCard must be validated prior to your first journey in one of the many public transport ticket validation machines found in U and S Bahn stations as well as on busses and trams.

Berlin WelcomeCard

Berlin WelcomeCard brochure

Depending on your length of stay in Berlin there are a few different options available: 48 hours, 72 hours, and 5 days.  It is also available for either the AB or ABC transport areas.  The AB WelcomeCard is valid for all travel within the metropolitan Berlin area. It does NOT include the nearby city of Potsdam, Schönefeld Airport, or some of the outlying districts. For that you will need the ABC Welcome card.

Important: The WelcomeCard must be validated before your first journey at one of the many public transport ticket validation machines in stations and on buses and trams.

Berlin WelcomeCard 48 Hours

The Berlin WelcomeCard 48 hours is the perfect companion for your weekend trip to Berlin. It costs just €5 more than the price of 2 daily tickets so you will only need to visit a couple of attractions before you will begin saving money.|

AB €18.50          ABC €20.50

Berlin WelcomeCard 72 Hours

Coming to Berlin for a long weekend? The 72hr Berlin WelcomeCard will help your hard earned cash go a bit further.|

AB €24.50          ABC €26.50

Berlin WelcomeCard Museumsinsel 72 Hrs

The WelcomeCard Museumsinsel provides daily entry to the 5 Museums situated on Berlin’s Museumsinsel (Museum Island) in addition to unlimited Public Transport and discounts at over 200 attractions around Berlin. If you plan on visiting the Pergamon Museum during your stay (which we absolutely recommend) then you will immediately save yourself the €12 entry fee. Visit a few more of the Museums and the savings can really stack up.

AB €34          ABC €36

Berlin WelcomeCard 5 Days

Planning to spend a bit longer in Berlin? Then the 5 day Berlin WelcomeCard is the one for you. With the money saved by having this bad boy with you, you might even manage to make it home with cash in your pocket!

AB €31.50          ABC €36.50

Where to purchase a Berlin WelcomeCard:

The welcome card can be purchased at all outlets and ticket machines of the BVG and S-Bahn as well as the tourist information centres at the Hauptbahnhof, Brandenburger Tor and the welcome center at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

If you are flying into Berlin and want to use public transport to get into the city, we recommend buying the WelcomeCard at the Airport so that you can start saving money immediately.

Museum Pass Berlin

Museum Pass Brochure 

The Museum Pass Berlin is a must have for anyone planning on a number of museum visits.  Valid for three day, this pass provides free entry to over 50 of Berlin's museums.  Included are all the major museums and gallerys as well some some interesting lesser know ones.  It only takes a few museum visits before it starts to save you money.


€24 - Adults

€12 - Concession

Available at all participating museums as well as Tourist Information Centers throughout Berlin