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There are so many language schools in Berlin that it is sometimes hard to know where to start.

EDIT: This article was updated in July 2022, and all information is accurate as of the time of writing - you can find COVID-19 related information below.

Throughout the year, but particularly during summer, Berlin is inundated with hordes of language learners from all corners of the globe who descend on the city to immerse themselves in the German language. Some come for a month's holiday; others plan to work or study in Berlin. They range from being just teenagers to retirement age, some with scholarships and others paying their own way. Many arrive with some prior Deutsch knowledge, while others are total beginners. I think this is what I love most about the Berlin language school experience: its diversity.

There are so many language schools in Berlin that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. Prices for Four Week Intensive courses range dramatically from around €209 per month to more than €1000. With so many options out there. Thus, I decided to come up with a list of the 10 best language schools in Berlin. Given the wide difference in prices, I have split them into three budget categories and have given my top picks in each price range. I have decided not to rank the schools in order of best to worst. Each of the schools has different strengths and suit different needs, personalities, budgets, and learning styles, and I would happily take a course at any one of these schools for different reasons.  

Across the board, I was really impressed with the quality and dedication of the teachers, and I didn't perceive a significant difference between the lower- and higher-priced schools. I did have the impression, however, that among the more expensive schools, the students themselves seemed a bit more focused and their language skills were a bit more advanced than their counterparts in the cheaper schools. My theory on this is that the more expensive schools attract a greater number of longer-term students who are learning German in order to study at university and that this extra incentive, as well as an academic frame of mind, contributes to a more motivated and concerted approach to language learning - but that's just my theory!

While researching towards this article, I visited many of Berlin's language schools, spoke with the directors, teachers, and students, toured the schools, and sat in on a class in order to get the most balanced impression of each school. Important considerations for me when deciding on my top 10 were the quality of teachers, class size, the range of class options available, facilities, student impressions, and the convenience of location as well as extras like cultural programs and accommodation options.

In order to know whether the school is right for you, I recommend contacting them to organise a trial class before you commit to a full month of tuition.  For more information on each school check out our 

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So, here are my picks for the Language schools in Berlin...

COVID-19 Update

Please take into account that all the information below reflects "business-as-usual" offers. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the language schools in Berlin had to make temporary adjustments. Most of them run now are back to running in-person courses, but perhaps with fewer participants and some health-protecting measures still in place. In addition, many of the language schools also introduced brand new online classes that can be taken from anywhere in the world. To get more detailed information on individual schools, please click on the school's name in the list below.

The calm before the storm at die DeutschuleLow Budget (starting from €200 per month for a 4-week intensive course)


die deutSCHule

Four Week Intensive Course (80 x 45min lessons) = €246-€264

  • Lively atmosphere
  • Cafeteria serving great coffee and snacks as well as an outdoor terrace
  • A very mixed group of international students with no clear dominant culture.
  • A mixture of tourists and long-term students
  • Accommodation is available as well as insurance
  • Experienced, qualified, and native German-speaking teachers
  • Test DaF preparation and examinations can be taken here
  • Colourfully-painted classrooms will appeal to some while can be distracting for others.
  • Up to 17 students per class
  • Discounts if you book longer
  • A free test class is offered so you can try out the school before you commit

Kapitel Zwei

Four Week Intensive Course (64 x 45min lessons) = €242-€282 (offline versus online)

  • Discount if you bring a friend (courses in presence: 242€ instead of 262€, courses online: 262€ instead of 282€)
  • Central location right near Alexanderplatz
  • Classrooms are bright and well-sized
  • Maximum group size of 12 students (offline 5-12, online up to 8)
  • Experienced, qualified, and native German-speaking teachers
  • A big focus in class on oral communication - grammar exercises and rules are reinforced practically with various role play, small group conversations, and games.

speakeasy Berlin

Four Week Intensive Course (60 x 45 Min Lessons) = €209-€299 

  • A brand new location has been designed in a way that focuses on the needs of the students
  • Great teachers who create interesting classes rather than a slavish devotion to the textbook
  • No hidden registration fees, and significant discounts the longer you book
  • Really lovely design elements with a mixture of antique and bespoke furniture, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Classrooms also double as a gallery space, with some great pieces adorning the walls.
  • Intensive, Super-intensive, Evening, and one-on-one classes are available
  • Also offers English classes.
  • Good location close to convenient transport connections.
  • Test Center for telc (at least twice per month)


3-4 Week Intensive Course (48-64 x 45min lessons, depending on the level) = €250-€325, plus a one-off €35 registration fee

  • A small school with a friendly, personal atmosphere
  • Intensive German courses offered as well as evening courses in a number of other languages
  • Small kitchen for tea and coffee
  • Experienced, qualified, and native German-speaking teachers
  • A range of courses available including intensive, semi-intensive and evening courses
  • Most language levels covered
  • Small groups mean plenty of individual attention (5-12 students per class)
  • A number of other languages are offered

Sprachenatelier institute for languages, arts and culture

Four Week Intensive Course (60-72 x 45 Min Lessons) = €269-330 (online is cheaper than offline), plus a one-off €50 registration fee

  • Great location 
  • Classes consist of a good mixture of communication and written work
  • All levels offered, with beginner classes starting every month
  • Students with prior knowledge of German can start any Monday
  • Class sizes of 4 - 14 students (depending on whether offline or online)
  • Teachers are experienced and qualified native speakers
  • In addition to German, they also offer courses in dozens of other different languages 
  • They offer an interesting and varied cultural program

Language learning at the Deutsch Akademie

Medium Budget (starting from €400 for a 4-week intensive course)



Four Week Intensive Course (80 x 45min lessons) = €480

  • All courses are available in both a morning and afternoon session
  • Experienced, qualified, native German-speaking teachers
  • Minimum student age of 18 with an average age between 23 and 26
  • The school has been running for 30 years and has an outstanding reputation
  • They have a small and very cute cinema room where classes can watch movies
  • The maximum class size is 10 students in evening courses and 12 in all Intensive classes with an average size around 8
  • Accommodation options are available
  • In addition to German, they also offer English, Italian, Spanish, and French courses
  • An interesting cultural program is also on offer which is led by teachers

GLS - German Language School Berlin

Four Week Intensive Course (80x45min lessons) = €600-780, plus a one-off €25 registration fee and €20/month for teaching materials

  • Amazing facilities on their 9000m2 campus
  • Founded in 1983, GLS has a sterling reputation and a long history
  • On-site studio apartments, restaurant, and cafeteria
  • Maximum 12 students per class
  • Certified Test DaF examination centre
  • Library and Bookstore
  • Generously sized, bright classrooms
  • Most classrooms equipped with Smartboards.
  • An extensive cultural program offered
  • Offer many other languages in addition to German
  • Great atmosphere
  • Wonderful large open green spaces to relax in between classes - very unique!
  • Experienced qualified native German-speaking teachers

inlingua Berlin

Four Week Intensive Course (80-104 x45 min lessons) = €680-€920, plus a one-off €40 registration fee

  • Central location right in the heart of Berlin
  • An established school with locations all around the world
  • Class size ranges between 4-12 students
  • Includes access to the inlingua online learning tool with over 8000 exercises to help improve your language study
  • In-house cafe on the ground floor serving food and great coffee
  • Exam preparation available
  • During the warmer months, a cultural program is offered with 5-6 activities per week
  • Various accommodation options available
  • Can assist with visa and insurance issues

Deutschkurs at BerlinerID

High Budget (starting from €800 for a 4-week intensive course)


Carl Duisberg Centrum

Four Week Intensive Course (96+8 x 45min lessons) = €840-€920, plus a summer season surcharge of €30/week

  • An extra 2 hrs per week of "Lernstudio" consisting of individual learning with a tutor, learning in workshops, and learning in projects
  • Experienced, qualified, and native German-speaking teachers
  • Quiet, good-sized classrooms with plenty of natural light
  • Some classrooms equipped with a built-in projector
  • Textbooks, ring binder, notepad, and drink bottle included in the course price
  • Every morning in the break a baker comes to the school with yummy treats
  • Great location in Berlin Mitte
  • Student room with computers available 
  • Class size ranges from 5-15 students per group (with 12 participants on average)
  • Discounts available the longer you book
  • Help with residence permits and health insurance
  • Accommodation available
  • Extensive cultural program with museum visits, excursions to neighbouring cities, and pub nights.


Four* Week equivalent (120 x 45 min Lessons) = €1,280-€1,440

  • The highest number of lessons of all Berlin Intensive language courses
  • On-site accommodation in shared or private rooms including full board available
  • Modern facilities and generously sized classrooms
  • Central location close to U-Bahn, Tram and S-Bahn connections
  • No hidden fees for registration or course materials
  • Rapid progression from through each language level A1 to C2
  • Cultural program on offer including museum and cultural visits
  • Average class size of 10 students
  • Great rooftop terrace used for regular events throughout the warmer months

    *Only 5-week courses are available and the price range depends on whether you book 10+ weeks.

Cultural Program at the did deutsch-institut