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The Wall - Asisi Panorama Berlin - Berlin

For the best experience we recommend visiting during the early afternoon when the Asisi Panorama is at its quietest.

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This Panorama, created by architect and artist Yadegar Asisi combines photographs, drawings and paintings together to create an immersive experience of the Berlin Wall depicting a typical Autumn day in the 1980's.  Asisi actually lived in Kreuzberg during the 80s and draws on his experiences and recollections to create a really unique and impressive experience.

The panorama is breathtaking in its size:  60 metres long and 15 metres tall.  At 600 sq metres this is one of the largest works of art you will ever see!  However, more impressive than the scale is the degree of realism, from the guard dog mid stride as he patrols the death strip, to the group huddled around a fire drum or the DDR border guard aiming his rifle from his lookout tower.  The longer you look, the more of these small details you will notice which add such a realistic richness to the work that after a while you will forget you are looking at a photo.

The panorama is accompanied by an emotive soundscape of music, street noise and soundbites from important moments in the Berlin Wall's history.  Moments like JFK's historic "Ich bin ein Berlin" speech or the press conference two months before the creation of the Berlin Wall where East German Secretary Walter Ulbricht emphatically states "Nobody has the intention of putting up a wall".

This is an original and unique exhibition in Berlin, and one of very few like it in the world and we highly recommend a visit when you are visiting.

An adult ticket costs €10, but it's worth looking into the combination tickets you can buy to see more for your money. A ticket with the Black Box-Cold War Museum next door is only €12.50 or you can use your Berlin Welcome Card.

Address: Friedrichstraße 205 , Berlin, 10117 View Larger Map