Public Holidays in Berlin

Holiday in German Holiday in English Date in 2013 Date in 2014
Neujahr New Years Day 1st of January 1st of January
Karfreitag Good Friday 29th of March 18th of April
Ostermontag Easter Monday 1st of April 21st of April
Tag der Arbeit May Day 1st of May 1st of May
Christi Himmelfahrt Ascension Thursday 9th of May 29th of May
Pfingstmontag Penticost 20th of May 9th of June
Tag der Deutschen Einheit Day of German Unity 3rd of October 3rd of October
Erste Weihnachstag Christmas Day 25th of December 25th of December
Zweite Weihnachstag Boxing Day 26th of December 26th of December


Berlin observes 9 official public holidays throughout the year.  These are made up of a number of Christian festivals like Easter, Christmas and Pentecost along with secular holidays including May Day and the day of German unity.
On public holidays almost all retail outlets including supermarkets will be closed.  Kiosks and some bakeries open with reduced hours.  Generally, cafes and restaurants open during public holidays.  
Although Christmas Eve isn’t an official public holiday, the majority of shops, cafes, and restaurants will be closed from early afternoon.
In addition to the state recognised public holidays, a large number of festivals and cultural events are also celebrated throughout the city.  Check out our festival listings for the latest info.
Please note:  Almost all businesses are closed on Sundays including supermarkets and shops.  Most cafes and restaurants as well as kiosks and take away food stands will be open

HEADER IMAGE: Photo by Jeison Higuita on Unsplash