Grilling in Berlin

On Berlin’s lovely days you’ll see people swarm to the parks to picnic and bbq to their hearts content, late into the evening. Grilling is undertaken with passion in the warmer months and we encourage all travellers to do as the Berliners do and head to a park, roast a wurst or a cob of corn over some coals, grab a couple of beers from a local Späti (kiosk) and kick back and enjoy the awesome summer vibes.
However, before you go buying your coal and firelighters there are some simple guidelines that should be followed when getting some colour on a nice piece of steak. Not all areas in Berlin’s parks and greeneries are fit for a hot grill. Designated areas for barbecuing are set up for the simple reason of keeping the parks clean and everybody happy.  

Here are the simple rules to follow when out with your travel Weber.

• Bring your own barbecue and make sure you take it with you when you leave.
• It’s recommended to use coal in your bbq and definitely don’t collect sticks and twigs from the park lands to help for kindling. Bags of coal and firelighters are available at supermarkets. Don’t use highly flammable liquids to speed up your fires either. Ouch - burnies!
• Don’t grill under any trees or foliage, embers, heat and such are a hazard to the leaves and of course you may burn down the park.
• Don’t light any coals directly on the grass or dig a pit to grill. Campfires are also a big no-no.  This means that the single use grills that can be bought at the supermarket are generally not allowed in parks as they sit directly on the grass.
• This is an interesting one: The roasting of whole or partly divided animal is forbidden – So no suckling pigs please!
• When you’re done, make sure you extinguish the embers with water. Then dispose of them in the ‘ash’ bins provided in the designated area. Do not tip them into a corner of the park where you think no one will see them. We can see them, and it’s not very pretty.
• Bring a bin bag with you because other waste, paper plates, scraps and other rubbish should be taken with you to dispose of at home as putting it all in the park bins encourages rats and birds to come a huntin’. Remember to clean up your mess to keep the parks clean so that everyone can enjoy them.
• Grilling may only be done in designated areas, which not all parks have.  Make sure you check out our map for grill parks around Berlin.
Not following these rules may lead to a fine from the park police. Small fines start from around €20 but if you do intend to dig a pit and grill like Jamie Oliver, then be prepared for a fine of up to €5,000. This is serious grilling business.


If you are not planning on lighting a fire you are, naturally, welcome to picnic anywhere in Berlin’s beautiful parks.  So for those afternoons where you are planning stick to salads, breads and other cold dishes brought from home, you can take your pick of where to sit.  Be sure to bring some rubbish bags and tidy up after yourself.
Have fun!