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  • Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1, Berlin, Mitte, 10178
  • +49 30 8471 23737

DDR Restaurant Domklause - Berlin

On a sunny day, the DDR Restaurant's terrace on the river Spree is the perfect spot to take a break from sightseeing with a glass of Berliner Bürgerbräu, a delightful beer brewed especially for the Restaurant.

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The DDR Restaurant Domklause is stuck in the 1980's.  In a good way.  The restaurant specialises in the cuisine of the German Democratic Republic, which hasn't existed since German re-unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Here you can experience first hand the sort of food that was popular in East Germany.   Dishes include Eisbein, a boiled pork knuckle served with Sauerkraut and boiled potatoes; Jägerschnitzel, a crumbed slice of sausage served alongside pasta with a tomato sauce; and Krusta, which is a style of Pizza that was popular in the GDR.  The meals are hearty and the portions are as generous as one would expect from this sort of cuisine.  A number of authentic GDR beverages are also served, including a very tasty beer that is produced especially for the restaurant, a selection of wines, and some classic East German cocktails which are simple but tasty

Although the food is delightfully stuck in the past, the restaurant itself is actually refreshingly modern without being cold.  One of the highlights of the restaurant is the wall mural entitled "In praise of Communism" by Ronald Paris, commissioned in 1969 for the conference room of the GDR statistics office.  Based on the Bertolt Brecht poem of the same name, "In praise of Communism" wasn't all that popular with the officials that commissioned it and it probably would have been painted over except that it was in an office that no members of the public could see.  After the building was slated for demolition, the DDR Museum made a bit to rescue and relocate the mural, made difficult by the weak plaster and narrow hallways of the building.  After relocation and careful restoration it is now a wonderful addition to the restaurant.

Ample indoor and outdoor seating is available, with the terrace on the river Spree a delightful spot to sit and enjoy a meal or drink at any time of day or night.

A visit to the DDR restaurant is the perfect conclusion to a visit to the DDR museum located nextdoor but it is by no means a requirement to visit the museum before dining here.  The restaurant is convienently located in the centre of Berlin Mitte, and is just a short walk from Museum Island across the river from the Berliner Dom.

Since its opening in 2010 the Restaurant  has also become a popular place with locals, particularly former GDR residents looking to eat a meal "just like mother used to make".  So, whether it is for a slice of cake and a coffee, a glass of wine on the terrace or a full meal in the restaurant, the DDR Restaurant Domklause is a great place to take a culinary step back in time.

Payment options include cash and debit card as well as VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1 , Berlin , Berlin, 10178 View Larger Map