Parade at Chamaeleon

Wed Sep 13th 2017 to Sun Feb 18th 2018

Event Details

Circus meets theatre, spectacle, and dance in this stunning parade of images. Set to a haunting soundtrack that mixes electronic music with pop songs and exquisite live percussion, PARADE is a thrilling performance of world-class acrobatics, image-rich design and live video installations.
Eight performers embark on a journey of discovery. Together, they discover a room that at first glance seems empty and meaningless, but soon reveals unforeseen treasures. The stage becomes a meeting place that the artists slowly explore. And even though the big, colorful parade happens outside and stays invisible to us, the artists themselves are changed by the occasion.

With power, grace and playfulness the performers tear back the fabric of their well-ordered world and transform it to a place of bursting colors and wonder. Together, they test their own limits and so provide us with a new sense of the possible. Energetic hand to hand choreographies meet aerial acts on the dance trapeze or impressive hand-balancing performances. Their individual stories embody the parades of our lives: the ones, where we ourselves are on show, on parade, where we put on masks, laugh and cry or simply do not want to stand out in a crowd.

Join us in this fantasy house of mirrors, where physical daring and astonishing design create moments of strange beauty and joy.